Virtual Bridal Appointment - ...And Something Blue
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Book an appointment online

Virtual Bridal Appointment

 How it works


  1. Please send us all the details about your Wedding (date, venue, vibe) to ido@andsomethingblue.com
  2. Include your mood/Pinterest board or photos/links to the dresses you like the most. If you had a chance to try on dresses in the real life, send us pictures of your favorite ones.
  3. Our stylist will analyse your information and create a list of the dresses with links matching your request.
  4. After you choose your favorites, we will schedule a zoom meeting with the stylist. She will show you all favorites on a mannequin and explain all the details and answer all your questions.
  5. You may choose 2-3 favorites and we can deliver them to your house or you can curb pick up at the store.
  6. We will schedule another zoom meeting with the stylist to assist your fitting at home.
  7. You may keep the dresses at your home for up to 3 days and then return.
  8. We need to hold a security deposit with your credit card before shipping dresses to your house.
  9. After you say “YES” to your  favorite one, we will assist you with the measurements and  place the  order.

It’s Easy and Fun!

We can always rebook your physical appointment to have the moment of ” I said Yes ” with your team.