Something Altered - ...And Something Blue
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Something Altered

Something Altered

So Now Your Dress Has Arrived, What Next?

make an appointment for custom alterations
with our Fairy Godmother Qiu.

415 722-0856

purchase dream shoes with correct heal height to measure length

buy seamless underwear and special undergarments to bring to your appointment
(we love nearly me and commandos)

meet Qiu and her magical toolkit downstairs at 3600 Sacramento St.

Get Excited!

request your free bridal shipping kit.
Call 877-814-5421 or email:

give the kit to your Maid of Honor, your dress fairy

Your Wedding Day

after the ceremony, ask your Maid of Honor to assist you in taking off your beautiful dress and packaging it for shipment with your shipping kit

ask the hotel concierge to have UPS ship the dress to
GreenStreets Couture or personally ship directly and
safely after the ceremony