Amsale - ...And Something Blue
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I believe that true style knows no place or time – more than an aesthetic, STYLE is a way of living

For designer Amsale (Ahm-sah’-leh) Aberra, widely credited as the inventor of the modern wedding dress, it all started with a single dress: her own. Wanting to find a more modern silhouette for her own wedding day, Amsale found her options limited. Eschewing the overly dramatic and ornate dresses that were trending at the time, Amsale created her own pared-down design, elegant in its simplicity and quiet in its impact, with a distinct drama that felt modern and personal all at once. The result has become a collection that’s been built over decades, and one that will continue to endure in the age of modern romance. Now under the direction of Amsale’s husband, CEO Neil Brown, her chosen senior design team of Sarah Swann and Margo Lafontaine and daughter Rachel Brown remain dedicated to preserving Amsale’s original vision for the brand. Together, the company strives to honor the rich legacy of design that Amsale left with us—and that still resonates so strongly with the name, Amsale.