...And Something Blue Bridal Studio is the best bridal store in SF
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Vera Wang is at And Something Blue! 

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New arrivals from Australian designers

Australian designers offer a variety of bridalwear options, but one common theme among this group is their ability to produce unique and nontraditional wedding looks—ensembles that favor brides who have a strong sense of personal style.

                                                  Zavanna Bridal  

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Madi Lane

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Cizzy Bridal  

Australian bridal designers became very popular among Californian brides for the past 3 years. They offer different , yet very interesting styles for bridal gowns. Australian bridal style is fashion-forward, meticuosly made and seeks out the cool brides. Dresses are very comfortable, fit perfectly and made of unique great quality fabrics, such as lace, silk, crepe and beading.

We introduce a new bridal brand from Australia – Cizzy Bridal (White April Collection and Zavana Bridal)! Designed for the modern Boho Bride who is confident, independent, stylish, and enchanted by unique detail. She is exceptional and refreshing. Be the first one to try those amazing dresses.

Another fabulous australian brand is Madi Lane. An innate sense of style is synonymous with the Madi Lane bride. It lingers in every fibre of her being and is exhibited in the finest of elements that make up her Australian-designed wedding gown. Dancing between modern ingenuity and timeless sophistication, Madi Lane gowns tell the tale of ‘girl meets dress’ – a timeless love story. Propelled ever forward by the beauty of art, the elegance of design, and an enduring love affair with nature, the evolution of Madi Lane is one that has taken inspiration from the journey of life itself. Madi Lane gowns are both aspirational and attainable, exclusive pieces that look, feel and read modern contemporary couture. Each and every Madi Lane creation features delicate appliqué and embellishments, artfully placed on high-quality fabrics and polished in every detail. With personality and personalisation in mind, each gown embodies fierce femininity, fitting the individual body as well as it does the individual spirit.

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We sell Off the Rack too!!

We know many orders were affected by coronovirus and Brides are desprate to buy a Dress.. Or you just don’t want to wait and want to buy a Dress right away, we are here to help. We  carry a lot of new and old samples that we are happy to sell off the rack. Find your dream dress at up to 75% OFF regular prices on famous designers and buy it Now!

Custom Wedding Dress

Have you ever fallen in love with the top from one dress, the bottom from another and you would like to add sleeves, change the color? We are happy to create a custom Bridal Dress to make all your dreams come true. You will meet our designer and discuss all the details. She will make a sketch for you, which you can frame and keep the memories of creating your personal unique Wedding Dress. Please send your inquiry to ido@andsomethingblue.com

…And Something Blue

is a bridal studio for the modern bride who cherishes individual style and timeless glamour. Our studio pushes against the old ‘rule’ driven traditional wedding industry that has been directing people for years. We are real people who love love and want to help make our clients’ weddings as remarkable as they are. We do this with Parisian/Upper East Side sophistication wrapped around a little urban grit and glam.

Our brides come in all shapes, sizes and ages –

what they have in common is that they want to look stunning on their wedding day, but most importantly they want to be true to themselves, their own spirit and the relationship they have come to celebrate. I often say “we are for the tattooed bride who geeks out on fabrics, silhouettes and art” and what I mean is for the free spirit who loves beautiful things but doesn’t want to spend a crazy amount of money.

for the Modern Bride